Please read the FAQs below for the commonly asked questions. If you are still unsure please contact the Project Managers, Parker Harris: Telephone: 020 3653 0896 Email:



You will be sent an email on 18 July 2019 to the email address that you used when you registered your work. If you have not received it please check your spam filter.

The Project Manager, Parker Harris, will publish the list of entry numbers of the drawings accepted for the exhibition on this website. If your entry number does not appear on this list you MUST collect your work from your chosen Collection Centre. If your number does appear here, but you have entered more works than are listed, then your other work has not been selected and you MUST collect it.


No. If you register more works than you eventually submit, unfortunately no refunds will be offered.

Yes. The online application portal will allow you to increase the number of work you wish to submit before the deadline on 26 June 2019.

No. Artists are advised to take out their own insurance. Works selected for the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize will be insured from 18 July 2019.

The maximum size drawing accepted for submission is 2.4m in the largest dimension, including frame.

No. We do not specify what media work should be made in. The nature of the exhibition is to generate debate about contemporary drawing practice and therefore work in any media is eligible for entry, if the artist considers it as drawing. Whilst debate about contemporary drawing practice is encouraged, the decision of the Selection Panel is final and binding.

The conditions of entry state that work should be framed. This is a standard measure to ensure that your drawings are protected in the normal course of handling and display.

If there is a genuine aesthetic reason for the work to remain unframed, the entry will be accepted subject to the following conditions:
i) you will be required to provide a reusable and robust packing case, or equivalent, for the protection of your work that is designed for safe transportation, handling and storage, and that will not cause damage to other works;
ii) that if you enter work outside of the Rules & Guidelines, it is entered at your own risk. The Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize will not accept any liability for any loss or damage that may occur in the normal course of handling.
iii) if selected for exhibition, you may be required to provide suitable packaging for your work while in storage and during transportation throughout the exhibition and tour, or to provide a frame or other means of presentation as recommended by the organisers.
iv) works that cannot be mirror plated, once selected, must be accompanied by full hanging instructions and if selected for exhibition you may be required to supply suitable fixings.
v) you accepts that their work is uninsured during the submission, selection process, and return of work if unselected.

We recommend that well-made, durable wooden frames are used. These types of frames ensure that the surface of your work is protected, and are robust enough to withstand transportation, handling and fixtures for hanging.

Please note that some frame finishes (such as gesso, lacquer, etc) are fragile and are not durable for handling purposes. If you decide to present your work in these types of frames, we strongly recommend you wrap the frame edges in stretch wrap film. Perspex frames should be submitted in a packing case for additional protection. Metal frames and clip frames are not allowed as these can cause injuries during the normal course of handling.

All metal projections can damage other works whilst in storage, and we require that you remove them as a matter of respect for other people’s work.

No. We ask for composite works to be presented in a single frame to ensure that the Selection Panel is presented with the work in its entirety.

Yes, but if you have already framed your work and do not want to remove the frame, or you do not wish to sign and date the front of your work for aesthetic reasons, please sign and date the back of the frame.

Yes. Artists wishing to submit moving image works must submit them in MP4 or AVI format on a non-returnable USB memory stick. The duration of each work submitted must be clearly indicated on the Work Submission Form. These can be posted along with your Work Submission Form to: Parker Harris, 15 Church Street, Esher, Surrey, KT10 8QS and must arrive by 4 July 2019.

As a student you are eligible for the First Prize, Second Prizes and the Working Drawing Award of the Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, as well as the student award.

Yes. Please provide your student number and details as requested on the application form.

Once the selection process has been completed we will invite all non-student artists and makers selected for the exhibition to make a proposal for the Evelyn Williams Drawing Award. The Award will then be selected by a Trustee of the Eveleyn Williams Trust, the Director of Trinity Buoy Wharf Drawing Prize, and the Director/Chief Curator of the gallery where the exhibition will be held.

Yes. However, the Submission and Collection Centres are only open on specific dates, so you MUST arrange for a representative to deliver and/or collect your work for you when the centres are open. The representative collecting work for you MUST be in possession of your Submission Receipt.

No. Only work made since January 2018 is eligible for entry.

No. Only artists currently resident in the UK are eligible for entry.

We are using an online registration process to reduce our paper usage and streamline the application process. If you are unable to register online, please contact the Project Manager, Parker Harris, well in advance of the application deadline.

Please see the Submissions & Collections Timetable PDF in the Downloads/Links section of this website. Please note that Submission Centres will only receive your work on the dates and times specified.

No, it is not possible. Please make arrangements for you, a friend or family member or an art carrier to collect the work on your behalf.  Work not collected will be removed and subject to storage charges.

All artists will be informed by email of the Selection Panel’s decision by Thursday 18 July 2019. The email will be from: Subsequently, the names of those artists selected for exhibition will appear in the Downloads/Links section of this website around this time.

If email notification has not been received by Friday 19 July 2019, or your name does not appear on the list, your work has not been selected and will need to be collected. Works not collected on the specified dates detailed in the Submissions & Collections Timetable and the artist will be liable for storage charges.

Works not collected by 31 October 2019 will be disposed of at the discretion of the organisers/storage company.

No. Works will not be wrapped for collection following the selection process, unless specific travel frames or cases are provided.

Yes. It is possible to submit your work to one Collection Centre and return it to another, however you may not change your Collection Centre or return after Wednesday 26 June 2019.

If your work is selected you will be asked to provide and confirm further information for inclusion in the catalogue by 31 July 2019. This will include a written statement about the drawing(s) included in the exhibition of 300 words along with a brief biography of 200 words. You will be sent a template biography to complete if your work is selected for exhibition.

LONDON COLLECTION CENTRE – Works not collected on the collection days for the London Collection will go into storage with Art Moves of Chelsea at Chelsea Self Storage, Blantyre Street, London, SW10 0EQ incurring charges of £12.00 per work. Works will be available to collect on Tuesday 23 July (11am – 4pm) and Saturday 27 July (12 noon – 3.30pm). After these dates charges will increase by £12.00 per work, per week, with collection by appointment only. Work not collected by 30 September will be disposed of. To contact Art Moves of Chelsea please call 020 7352 7492 or email Please note that Art Moves of Chelsea will not be able to accommodate any works over 1.80m.

REGIONAL COLLECTION CENTRE – Works not collected on the set dates will be disposed of.

The exhibiting artists are responsible for the collection of their work from either the final tour venue or a London collection point.

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Please read the FAQs for the commonly asked questions. If you are still unsure please contact the Project Managers, Parker Harris:

020 3653 0896(9.30am - 5pm Monday to Friday)

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